New Range of FDM and Polyjet 3D Printing Materials by Stratasys under development

The Stratsys’s GMN(Global Manufacturing Network) has got 4 new additions.


Stratasys is said to be introducing it’s new range of 3D Printing materials for the FDM and Polyjet Platforms.

For the F123 FDM series, the company launched the TPU 92A Elastomer through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. This materials is guessed to be empowering both high elongation and toughness while stretching  drastically without losing its physics and shape.

By releasing this range of materials Stratasys believes now users will be able to produce medium to large parts in which were not previously possible to get.

Reisin, VP and head of solutions and material business said:

The Stratasys TPU 92A Elastomer is said to enable users to 3D Print parts with resilience – with the power to greatly stretch or compress without losing shape.

Manufacturers demand 3D printing solutions that can be put to work in real prototyping and extreme production environments. With reliable and highly resilient parts, our solutions are designed to enable customers to do just that.

Now let’s turn our heads to the F900 of the FDM range. Astero800NA is the PEEK-based thermoplastic, serving as a high performance material and noted for its chemical and heat resistance along with outgassing properties. This will do the jobs for the aerospace and more serious duties.

Talking about full-color range and more exciting disrupting machines: PolyJet J750 and J735 are seeing their capabilities stretching over the limits, releasing set of new materials able to mimic the qualities of rubber, leather or plastic by the Stratasys.

The Agilus30 White is following the Agilus Black and Agilus Translucent ones. VeroVivid Cyan and VeroFlexVivid are also being developed to allow engineers achieve realistic prototypes in consumer market, packaging and eyewear.

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[Image/Source]: TCT Magazine

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