EnvisionTEC brings out the 4K 3D Printing and multi-material patent

Pushing the limits.


We were witnessing EnvisionTEC at Formnext2018 introducing one of the latest technologies of its kind to be the first 4K DLP-based 3D printer copped with AI.

The Perfactory 4K which was debuted in Frankfurt, is the company’s one of the 3D Printers equipped with a true 4K Projector with UV optics tuned to 385nm wavelength offering a massive resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Comparing with Perfactory 4 Standard, the resolution was 1920 x 1200. Beside the pixel number increase, we are seeing AI tuning those pixels delivering a high quality surface finish  and is compatible with a range of materials including ABS, dental-specific and end-use resin.

The aforementioned system comes in 3 models including P4K 62 with a 62 µm resolution and a build envelope of 160 x 100 x 220 mm, the P4K 75 with 75µm resolution and 192 x 120 x 220 mm build, and the P4K 90 with 90 µm resolution and 233 x 141.5 x 220 mm build.

EnvisionTEC’s CEO; Al Siblani believes:

The P4K is the highest resolution advanced DLP printer with the largest build envelope and deploys artificial intelligence in pixel modulation to deliver the highest accuracy parts with the smoothest available surface finish in the 3D printing space. This will deliver the next level of production-grade 3D printing solutions.

Talking about the patents, This week EnvisionTEC announced that it has granted a patent to expand and grow capabilities with multi-material printing and manufacture. Siblani comments:

This is particularly interesting in the development of esthetically superior dental indications such as composite teeth for dentures with varying degrees of translucency.

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[Image/Source]: TCT Magazine

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