Introducing the NERA: Fully 3D printed e-motorcycle by BigRep

It literary is the first one.


Leveraging large scale 3D printing was something that goes around BigRep’s mind and world’s first fully FFF 3D printed e-motorcycle was the result. And it’s functional!

The Nera which is the e-motorcycle we will talk about was displayed at Formnext latest event, slong with a number of other innovative prototypes; including a bionic passenger seat, an adaptive robotc gripper and a 360 degree mobile industry platform.

The futuristic prototypes were designed and developed by NOWlab, the BigRep’s consultancy agent and ultimately manufactured using BigRep’s large 3D Printers.

Introducing the NERA: Fully 3D printed e-motorcycle by BigRep
Introducing the NERA: Fully 3D printed e-motorcycle by BigRep

Introducing Nera; The e-motorcycle

It’s not the first, neither last. As you may know, we’ve already seen some motorcycle that embraced 3D printing into their production. But BigRep claims it is the first fully functional and fully 3d printed e-motorcycle (except for the electrical parts that cannot be 3d printed). 3D printed parts for the NERA are tires, rims, frame, fork, seat and even more.

Daniel Buning, Co-founder and Managing director at NOWlab claims:

The NERA combines several innovations developed by NOWlab, such as the airless tire, functional integration and embedded sensor technology, this bike and our other prototypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape AM technology as we know it.

To 3D print the Nera, engineers at NOWlab had to rethink the whole structure to optimize its design for better processing and fully benefit the technology.

The Nera’s airless tires with customized treads, a lightweight rhomboid wheel rim, and flexible bumpers which replace the conventional suspensions are the most notable features.  And last but not least, the e-motorcycle is powered by electric engine which itself houses a 3d printed case.

The Aero Seat, robotic gripper and much more

BigRep Aero Seat
BigRep Aero Seat

Beside NERA, BigRep has some other things to excite. It was another e-mobility prototype at Formnext. The name is Aero Seat that is designed for autonomous driving technology. This seat will be created by scanning the passenger’s structure by 3D scanner before it is set for making.  The goal will be improved comfort of the driver for especially on long distance hauls.

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[Image/Source]: 3DPMN

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