Mercedes-Benz comes back to classic era with the help of 3D printing

This will drive Benz lovers crazy!


German praised automotive corporation Mercedes-Benz start to take a look back to recover classic era with the help of 3D printing technology. This was done by Daimler Research Group and led to 3d printed spare parts.

Classic re-engineered

As you might know, one of the most known benefits of 3d printing (particularly Additive manufacturing) is that building a part is simplified to printing a cad file. No more tools and process comparing to subtractive manufacturing.

As this car giant is known for its royal and luxury lines, recovering classic and old models might be time consuming process. But with 3d printing spare parts, restarting old models has become easier and more logical.

Porsche as one of the traditional competitor in Germany has already used 3d printing for manufacturing spare parts for classic line of cars.

“Future meets classic” is the name of venture by Daimler and Mercedes-Benz. At this campaign these 2 will manufacture 3D printed parts for 300 SL Coupe, SL Roadster, two Executive €, two luxury-classic models.

Retro and future merged together

Daimler already took some steps in the road. By using old 3d design (available or creating new ones from old 2D drawings) they have manufactured obsolete parts with powder bed method in metal and plastic.

One of these 3d printed parts is the inside mirror base for the 1950’s sports car; the 300 SL Coupe which was one of the fastest cars of its era. The material used for this part is just like the original one (aluminum plated with chromium metal) but the design is optimized for the modern safety laws of the road. The base is now somehow longer than before and is attached a bit higher than usuall to give better view of the rear.

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[Image/Source]: 3DPrinting Industry

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