Upcoming Event: Iran 3DShow 2018 will be held on December 5-7th as 2nd annual Iranian Additive Manufacturing event

Here it comes the Iran 3DShow 2018 information!


Despite some changes in holding 2nd annual Iranian Additive Manufacturing event, The Iran 3DShow 2018 will be held on December 5 to 7th at “Book Garden” in Tehran. The featured event will be held just like the previous one, but there is some changes. Like the brand name(comparing the previous one as 3DShow)and some other subjects. You can find out what happened on 1st Iran 3DShow 2017 here.

The 2nd event will be held by Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology of Iran, with the Support of the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Development Headquarter; providing excessive concentration on students and younger generation. Despite huge amounts of content creation along the web and social Medias, The majority of children and students do not have proper access to the disrupting technology and related trends. The execution team and organizer is Iran Institute of Additive Manufacturing, and 3DRooz will take the role as the International Media partner.

In this case, we at 3DRooz have monitored the people who have already involved 3D Printing in the schools’ volunteering programs, however, the impact has not spread on large scales.

So, this 3DShow will be great place for enthusiast who are interested in innovating and creative thinking. And because of youth’s common preferences, 3D Printing will attract them very warmly. This happens because total interest of younger generation to classic school curriculum is decreasing gradually year by year and academic education is losing its place to skill-based learning.

This event is made up of three other sub-events named “The 2nd exhibition of 3D Printing industry”, “The 1st specialized conference of incremental manufacturing technologies”, and “The 1st national competition of 3D Printing”. One is mainly based on conferences and AM Talks. In this section candidates will provide their presentations:


Dr. Seyed Amir Ghaffari, Iran University of Science and Technology

Dr. Amir Hossein Behravesh, Tarbiat Modares University

Invited Speakers

Prof. Mohammad Rabiey

University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland

Title of lecture: Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and its application in industry

Dr. Ahmad Barari

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Title of lecture: A New Design Paradigm for Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Saeed Akbari

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Title of lecture: 4D printing, a new paradigm in 3D printing

The other one will gather enthusiast to the 3D Printing contest. The 3D printing competition will bring “University students” and “Teachers and students” around to compete.

Iran 3DShow 2018 | Iranina Additive Manufacturing event
Iran 3DShow 2018 | Iranina Additive Manufacturing event

According to the competition, Teachers and student’s contest details are described as below:

Teachers Competition: Design and Construction of Teaching Aids

Student’s competition:

Primary school: Building a catapult

High school: Design and Construction of a light weight bridge with high flexural and compressive strength.”

Iran 3DShow event 2018 3d printing competition
Iran 3DShow event 2018 3d printing competition

For University students, the mission is bit harder:

The subject of this year’s additive manufacturing competition is the construction of lightweight components with high compressive strength. Porous 3D structures are used in various applications, such as body implants (bone structure), airplane fuselage or the body of space shuttles. To be considered for the contest, participants must build up polymeric cubes of 5 * 5 * 5 centimeters in one process and with no added part. The design must aim to minimize the weight while maximizing compressive strength. It is required that the piece weighs less than 80 g and that the Gcode file is sent along with the piece.

The following points need to be considered:

The specimen will be tested using a universal device under quasi-static load with 10 mm/min rate (as shown below).

The load value right before the failure or the value at 40 % deformation (equivalent to 2 cm) will be taken as the maximum compressive load.

The maximum force (Newton) divided by the weight (g) is the evaluation criterion.

Samples must be sent to Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute at least one week before the conference and the announcement of the winners.

All in all, this event will be great for companies and enterprises to observe and analyze the potential market in Iran. Since few companies use 3D Printing an Additive Manufacturing processes, the proper market for engaging people will be amateur individuals.

By the way, there are major companies who are providing disrupting technologies and services. Noura Imprinting Layers which is one of three in MENA and Central Asia region according to Gartner. Asaal Laser (Known as iDesign3d) is the sole SLS 3D Printer provider in Iran. Both companies have developed their machines and services domestically.

3DFast is also the most integrated 3D Printing hub in Iran and is one of the most successful startups across   the country. AM Society also serves as one of major scientific labs of Additive Manufacturing R&D process(part of Science and Research branch of Azad University)

Other companies are also active in end-user and semi-industrial sections.

Seyyed Amir Ghaffari, Managing director of Iran 3DShow says:


This event is not only good for the ones who are trying to observe the market here, but also suits the international companies to join and involve. For further information you can visit our website or contact 3DRooz so we can handle your request efficiently.


3DRooz believes Iran 3DShow will find its way more efficient than the previous one held last year. The goal is clearer and we hope different group of people attend this year’s event as a perfect opportunity for self-growth, development and expanding international businesses.

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  2. […] Symposium before the name was changed to Iran 3D Show. Now, the country is gearing up for the second annual event, which will be held at the Book Garden in Tehran from December 5-7. The Vice-Presidency for Science […]

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